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Glycolic Acid Peels

What are Glycolic Acid Peels and how do they work?
 First and foremost, glycolic acid is an exfoliant that is A derivative of sugarcane. Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), a group of naturally occurring “fruit acids” that can be found in foods. Glycolic acid has the smallest molecular size of all the AHAs, it’s the most bioavailable and active, allowing it to penetrate the skin the most easily. It helps shed dead skin cells and reveal the newer, brighter layers underneath by acting on the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin). Normal, intact stratum corneum consists of tightly packed layers of dead skin cells that are tightly bonded together. AHAs work by loosening the glue-like substance that holds dull and dead skin cells on the corneum, sloughing away tough, rough layers of dead skin cells revealing newer, healthier skin. Glycolic acid is so small, it can get deeper into your skin too, where it does some serious work. Glycolic acid stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis to produce increased amounts of collagen and elastin. By stimulating collagen and elastin production, it helps skin feel firmer and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Between the superficial action on your stratum corneum and the work it does below, your skin will feel smoother and look more radiant and even-toned. With continuous use, glycolic acid can actually accelerate skin healing and reduce signs of environmental damage, improve skin issues like blackheads, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris and hyperkeratosis, among others. It also removes excess oil, just as it relieves dry and scaly skin conditions.

What should you expect during your treatment?
 First, I will perform a gentle cleanse to rid any make up and oil that is currently on your skin. Analyze your skin to see if there are any areas to avoid and talk with you about what your expectations are with the facial you are about to receive. Following the analysis, I will give a thorough steam cleansing of the skin then removing the cleanser with a hot towel. A prep solution will then be applied to prepare the skin for the Glycolic Acid. The Glycolic Acid will be applied to the skin with a brush then left on for up to 10 minutes depending on your skin’s potential tolerance to the Glycolic Acid. During the Glycolic setting time I will perform a shoulder and neck massage. Another hot towel will be used to remove the product when time has lapsed. If extractions are necessary, I will extract your pores removing any blackheads and excess oil leaving your pores as clean as possible. The skin will then be toned to bring the skin’s PH level back to normal. A hydrating serum will be applied along with a moisturizer and SPF 30 sunscreen(if during the day).

Contraindications (Reasons this procedure may be harmful to you)
Although it is impossible to list every potential risk and complication, the following conditions are recognized as contraindications for Glycolic Acid Peels and must be disclosed prior to treatment.

•Allergic to Aspirin or other products containing Salicylic Acid.

•If you are currently using Accutane, Retin-A or Renova.

•If you have used Accutane within the last 2 years.



•Serious medical condition: Heart condition/problem, Immunity disorder, Diabetes etc.

•Medications: Diabetes Type 2, Lupus, chemo

•Permanent cosmetics wait 7 days then cover with occlusive barrier

•Active cold sores or lesions

•Active facial rash•Immediately post lift of facial surgery needs doctor approval

•Rosacea (Will need to be evaluated)•Facial Waxing (72 hour waiting period)

Service Cost $50 (Approx. 45 mins)

Add Microdermabrasion before your peel for $30 more.

Pre-Glycolic Acid Peel Instruction & Glycolic Acid Peel After Care