About ME

Hi! I'm Ashley Moos and I'm the face behind Lash Love By Ashley. It’s been a dream  of mine for years to start lashing and  build my own business after watching a close friend of mine work hard and grow her own successful business.

  I’ve always really liked the beauty industry but never really knew where I would fit in. I like make up but don't wear a substantial amount and I don't have great skill in it. I like hair but didn't like the idea of how much school was involved (not to mention standing on your feet alll day!) Getting my esthetician license was a good fit for me and even though I specifically went to school to get the licesne to be able to lash legally, I actually really excelled in skincare and I really enjoy it! With my license I can perform microdermabrasion, high frequency, peels, multiple types of facials and know how to take excellent care of my skin as well as other's. There are so many options and places to be able to practice those techniques but my main reason for the license is so I could start giving women beautiful lash extensions. 


  The beauty industry is ever evolving and women want instant results. I’ve had my lashes for 9 years and I’ve never taken them off since my first full set. I loved the instant gratification I got after getting them and “good bye mascara!”. I wanted to be able to give other women the same experience and feeling I feel every morning when I wake up and my make up routine is minimal due to how beautiful I feel with my lashes on.


  I continue to work on my technique and I evolve every time a new lash set and fill is applied. Continue to check my pages to see my progress! I look forward to amazing you!

- Ashley Moos